If you wish, we develope standalone manuals and other products for your ships. The hard- and software requirements are reasonably low and simple: any PC with Windows 10 - the future is covered. Now featuring online updates and manuals and plans in the cloud.

No rocket science: all electronic manuals come with an automated installation process, a safe and easy online update manager and a fine search tool in order to reduce workload from the crew. No more waisting time with multiple paper based folders which may not updated with the latest changes by the DPA/CSO.

  • NEW: Implementing DryBMS in your SMS or standalone
  • NEW: Asbestos Management Plans (AMP)
  • Mooring Safety Management Plan (OCIMF, MEG4 requirement)
  • Lines Management Plan (OCIMF, MEG4 requirement)
  • Electronic SOLAS Training Manuals for LSA and FSS
  • Log Books (IHM Maintenance, Scrubber-, Deck-, Engine-, Access Control-, Ballast Water-, Garbage-, etc.)
  • IHM Maintenance Procedure
  • MRV Monitoring Plans (Europe, IMO, UK, Asia, ...)
  • Filing eNOI for NPDES / Vessel General Permit
  • „EPA / NPDES Onboard Compliance Program“ (Best Management Practice BMP) for all US traders
  • ISM Manuals
  • MLC / DMLC II, electronic Manuals
  • Corrective and Preventive Action Plans
  • Ship Security Plans. Traditional hardocpy or protected electronic versions
  • ISO 9001 / 14001 / ISO 45001 Manuals
  • SEEMP Part I & II (IMO DCS)
  • Garbage- and Waste Management Plans
  • WHO Water- and Food Safety Plans
  • Vector Management Plans
  • Maintenance Manuals for LSA and FSS
  • Vessel Response Plans (USA)
  • Ballast Water Management Plans (D-2 (Treatment), D-1 (Exchange))
  • Bio Fouling Management Plans
  • SOPEP / SMPEP / PC-SOPEP for Panama Canal Waters
  • Emergency Towing Booklets
  • Security warning labels (restricted areas, warning notices, gangway/access labels)
  • Security ID cards for visitors
  • Security ID cards for crew members

All of the above can be an integrated part of your Safety- and/or Quality Management System. Just ask us.

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