O'Brien's Response Management

OPA 90 Compliance

O'Brien's is the leading partner in OPA90 compliance. Maritime consulting from O’Brien’s Response Management helps you meet the many regulatory requirements imposed on vessels trading in U.S. waters. For companies trading their ships to the U.S. for the first time, O'Brien's vessel services are designed to facilitate a trouble-free first port call to U.S. waters. We develop the necessary documentation to prepare your vessel to enter U.S. waters in full compliance with OPA 90 and other related regulations. O’Brien’s Response Management offers a wide variety of customs compliance services including arranging Certificates of Financial Responsibility (COFR), U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) and state vessel response plan preparation, EPA Vessel General Permit compliance, and other required documentation. We can assist in arranging special coverage that may be required, including average most probable discharge (AMPD) coverage; Canadian Certified Response Organization (CRO) contracting; California Shoreline Protection coverage; Panama Canal Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (PC-SOPEP); Panama Authorized Person services; and many others.

On behalf of Witt O'Brien's, MCC provides their local representation to all customers in central Europe since July 2018.


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Vessel Circular 35-18 (2018-10-20)