MCC is an ISO 9001 certified consultant specialized for merchant ships and their crews. ISM and ISPS are just 2 parts of a sphere of regulations, codes and resolutions we move into practice.

Why not using these systems to your advantage?

MCC offers support to ship owners, ship operators and other shipping related enterprises for all rules and regulations for merchant ships – wherever they may trade.

We are constantly monitoring the world-wide merchant maritime sector for national- and international regulations and their impact to our customers.

Goals of MCC:

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Keeping ourselves permanently up-to-date.
  • Research on new developments on world wide shipping regulations.
  • Risk based preventive action.
  • Management systems to assist – not to hamper. And finally:
  • Reduce to the MAX!

Reduce to the max!

How we understand “reduce to the max!” is quite simple: you need to comply with certain national and international rules, so why don’t we turn it around and make use of it. To the benefit of ships crew – just because they have to deal with it at the end of the day.

Safety and Quality Manuals. Manuals have been a burden for several years now. Much too many procedures, not properly assigned to personnel. 4-5 or more files, hundreds of pages.

Sometimes not even designed for that particular company.

We develop ISM manuals which are “reduced to the max”. All you need to know in order to use it is who you are and general knowledge of the ISM chapters. That’s it and you are familiarized with the manual. Its very easy and very effective.